Corravahan House c. 1972

Corravahan House c. 1972

Cedar of Lebanon- Corravahan-January 2018_20180104_120020

Storm damage to the cedar, January 2018

Cedar of Lebanon-Corravahan-Dec 2017_20171208_081606

The Cedar, December 2017


Mator on mews roof

The coach house 1904


view from Long walk 1905







View from The Long Walk 1904


brighter Terrace & west elev c1883

The terrace and west front, June 1883


Cecil Edward c 1910 in trap

Cecil Edward Leslie, in the donkey trap, c.1902


Charles Robt et al c1890 at drawing room 1

Charles Robert Leslie, c.1895


crop family group brighter Terrace & west elev c1883

Charles Robert, Mrs Leslie & “Loo” Leslie, June 1883-

[Note Loo’s small boys (Charlie & “Choppy”), and the four gardeners in the background]


corr0-Madge and Joan drawing room steps c1955

Miss Madge & Miss Joan Leslie, c. 1955





corr3-Charles Robt and joan in trap c1895

Charles Robert Leslie, c.1895


Upper Yard Corravahan

Cecll George’s horse in the coach yard, c. 1905



The Diaries of Charles Robert Leslie





corr sth IMGP4930



Corravahan red MC_IMG_2839

Corravahan, the south front, 2012 (C) Mildred Cullivan



Corravahan – winter scene 2006



Corravahan, winter 2010


Corr south elev c1883

South elevation, June 1883


corr sth IMGP4930




Corravahan De Dietrich CEL 1904

De Dietrich motor-car 1904


Corravahan 20130315_153106

Entrance front, 2013


CorravahanHouse_smc_054  (C) Sarah MacCarthy 2012

CorravahanHouse_smc_022 (C) Sarah MacCarthy 2012

CorravahanHouse_smc_023 (C) Sarah MacCarthy 2012

CorravahanHouse_smc_062  (C) Sarah MacCarthy 2012

ras 2012 corravahan mono


cropped south elevation from gardens Corravahan B&W c.1910 with HKL & fly

Corravahan summer lawns

And a brief video from Heritage Week, August 2015



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